DNA Apps was founded by Derren & Ana of DNA Imagery in 2013. Their aim was to create a suite of apps that would allow people to express themselves in ways they couldn’t before. With over 1 million downloads and a 4 ½ star rating Gifx is one of the best gif editors out in the market. The founders were originally inspired by INSA,  who was creating gif-fiti art in the streets across the globe. Gifx and all products that DNA Apps creates is about that creative spark you get when inspired by something or someone. Hopefully hundreds of thousands if not millions of people will have similar “aha" moments and be inspired to create.  

After Gifx’s initial success DNA was able to reach out to fellow Gif artists to collaborate with. Each Gif artist brought their own unique style to create their individualized packs to share with Gifx users. These exclusive gifs are only available in Gifx and through a revenue share model DNA is able to help the artists thrive with a stream of passive income. DNA is always looking for ways to help the creative community and through collaboration via Gifx they were able to find a way to make it happen.

Enough about us, let’s learn more about the artists themselves...


The amazing gif artists in our app

Gifx Artist Animated Gif Jmckeehen


@jmckeehen's journey into the eccentric and psychedelic serves as a testament to the depths of the mind others are afraid to explore. With a cornucopia of colors, his rainbow assault on the retina aims to expand the human consciousness and provoke the primal. Although many recognize the experiences portrayed in his art, @jmckeehen expresses his visions in an utterly unique manner, opening the mind’s eye to further discovery and infinite wonder.

Gifx Artist Animated Gif Infinitefractals


Infinite Fractals is an exploration of the wonders of fractal geometry and the Mandelbrot Set that has grown out of a desire to preserve art within a new scientific paradigm. In my undergraduate days, I studied photography and ceramics and developed an obsession with the human heart, its anatomy, its cultural significance and its physiology. This new found passion for science led me to pursue a career in Medicine. During medical school, I stumbled into the magic of fractals and have been combining the psychedelic imagery of the Mandelbrot set with Electronic Dance Music. Exploring the beautiful infinity of fractals has allowed me to maintain my creative center in the midst of the chaos of working as a Doctor in the Emergency Department. Please, come join me, get lost in the infinite.

Gifx Artist Animated Gif Uon.Visuals


Living in Vancouver BC Canada. A frequent attendee of festivals such as Shambhala and Burning Man, I've always wanted to make VJ content. I started learning 2D computer animation in 2013 with Adobe After Effects and moving onto Cinema 4D for 3D as it came with the Adobe Creative Cloud software. In 2015 I started getting into stereoscopic 3D animations, and in 2016 started making 360 degree VR content. I like working with Gifx as it gives people the ability to add my visuals to anything they want and I get to see them used in all sorts of unique ways.

Gifx Artist Animated Gif Psychedeliabook


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